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Friday - July 10, 2009

Flying to Fiji

Iranian researchers were flying high on an expedition to Fiji early Friday on a pre-dawn flight from Tehran, and this time they put their finger in a new pie: Astronomy.  

A two-strong Iranian team left Tehran metropolitan capital city to the United Arab Emirates on the first leg of a trip to observe the longest solar eclipse of the century lasting over six minutes and 39 seconds in the Pacific Gilbert Islands in Fiji.  

Irans veteran eclipse man Hamid Khodashenas and his companion Abrishami are expected to reroute to Sydney in Australia after a three-hour transit in the Persian Gulf littoral state.      

Hamid, has earlier dodged a free-of-charge journey to China to sight the totality and headed to the Pacific islands of Kiribati to chase the shadow of the sun on the earth, sweeping the easternmost part of the globe.  

In Fiji, the shadow chasers may tour the picturesque islands and will attend a traditional dance performed by indigenous settlers to mark the Solar Eclipse.  

The 2009 totality is visible across Southeast Asia and the Pacific, notably in India, China, Bhutan and Japan.  

The eclipse also can be seen in some southeastern Iranian provinces of Sistan-and Baluchistan, bordering Pakistan.

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