A Journey to the easternmost part of the Earth

Iranian sky watchers have wrapped up a ten-day landmark tour to sight the longest solar totality of the 21st century in the Pacific Ocean Gilbert Islands near Fiji.
The trip was given a go ahead when the Iranian eclipse chasers' plane touched down in Sydney, Australia before the Iranian hunters fly to Fiji and then to the Gilberts islands.
During the expedition, Iran's Hamid Khodashenas and Mohsen Abrishami as well as international tourists braved to tour the remote coral reef islands in Kiribati and Nadi by various means including vehicles and vessels for hours to reach the intact areas dwelled by cannibals.
Despite the thrilling stories recounted about the indigenous people clad in traditional cloths, the ex-primitive cannibals had embraced the tourists with their special hospitality, traditional dancing and rituals.
On the eclipse day, expeditors were disappointed to find that they had a slim chance to visit the totality due to cloudy sky, like most of their peers searching for the sun in the broad day all across Asia.
However, they embarked on a ship and sped into the sea to watch the phenomenon before the moon mask the sun temporarily and blanket the earth with a provisional darkness.